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Stuart Bruce

Superhero: Batman

Born: 5th March 1976

Home: Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

Family: Living with the beautiful Susanne Gaertner and Callum Arthur Bruce (aka Bat Boy)

Day job: Award Winning Freelance Sound Recordist for Film And Television and Director of SABSOUND LTD. I am also a director of adventure holiday company Kiterush and a group trainer for kite surfing.

Kite surfing style: I am into Down winders and Kitesurfing adventures. I hate to kite with the crowds and go to great lengths to avoid them. I love going places, jumping high, riding waves and freedom. After breaking my neck, my freestyle sessions slowed although I still get a buzz from the Kiteloop.

Kite surfing equipment: Currently using Cabrinha. Loving the Switchblade 3 - 10 and 12m and the Twin Tip 133 Cabrinha & Custom 133 custom Nomad. For Surf Boards the S-Quad 09 Surfboard but been trying a few other nice ones this year. Got my eyes on a few more toys though!!

Place you usually kite surf: Shoreham Beach, Lancing, Hove or a Train Ticket to where ever for a monster down winder.

How and when did you start kite surfing?
I had been windsurfing since I was 10 and watched a kiter on the Beach in Brighton struggle with this huge kite. He was getting blasted and flung all over the place as nine years ago, the kites were pretty basic and tuition didn't exist. He was the first kiter to hit the South Coast and I was well impressed. I went to the nearest place I could find to buy one. Zipped down the beach, pumped it up, had no idea how to attach the lines and held onto my instructions in the blowing wind. I met another guy, Gray, with the same idea on the same day with his crispy new kite and we made it up and helped each other out to get these things to fly. We got dragged all over the place, up and down the beach, face plants galore but over time we got the hang of it. We used huge directional boards which slapped around and caused huge problems as you got flung off it and had this huge plank sling-shotting behind you from the board leash. Kite and boards progressed fast and thankfully so did the safety systems to replace the many home made contraptions that did not always release when they needed to!!!

What are your qualifications and experience in kite surfing?
I am IKO / BKSA Kitesurfing Instructor Level 2. I qualified as an Instructor since 2002 with experience teaching in Phillipines, Brazil, Spain, Morocco and the UK. I have worked for various Kite Schools before becoming the School Manager for Kiterush. I have travelled all over the world kitesurfing and love to Kite places where the crowds are not.

Where is your best place to kite surf?
Anywhere there are wind, waves, sunshine and a cold beer for the end of the day. Portugal is amazing, Dakhla, Australia & Brazil too but I have many places on my wish list. I love going somewhere that most people can't be bothered to go to. In contrast, here in the UK, I did a down-winder from Bognor to Brighton last month with a perfect 10m day, sunshine and cruised for three hours on the small but rideable breaks along the way, gliding along the glass water in Littlehampton Marina, listening to music, hooking up with friends along the way in various pockets of kiters along the coast. Brilliant, up there with the best sessions I ever had.

What was your worst accident kite surfing/most dangerous kite surfing experience?
I made the mistake of "High Fiving" some guy who had less control than I thought, cutting my arm deep (close to the bone) on his lines as his 16m kite clothes-lined me and nearly decapitated me and my 16m powered in the opposite direction!
Also Kite-looping in too strong a wind with no idea how to do it and being reminded water can feel like a wall when you smash in backwards, testing the metal screws and plates in my neck for the lifetime warrantee!!

What would you do if you weren't kite surfing?
Drive everyone crazy, especially Susanne. Get more points on my motorbike. Move inland to cheaper housing and living costs and grow my daddy belly even bigger!

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