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Stuart McCrae Daly

Superhero: Superman

Born: 27th December 1973

Home: Wandsworth, London

Family: Single

Day job: Doctor in aesthetic medicine with my company Bodocs Ltd.

Kite surfing style: I love speed and going out in high winds, but am practicing my freestyle skills in more moderate weather.

Kite surfing equipment: Currently riding the awesome Cabrinha kite range

Place you usually kite surf: U.K. South coast : (Poole, Lancing, Shoreham)

How and when did you start kite surfing?
Having seen some guys on the beach having a blast with this new sport I persuaded my brother and girlfriend at the time to all do the begginner weekend course with me in Sept 2003 in Montpellier, France. Despite having a hoot, it was another 2 years before I bought the necesary gear to continue. And even then I only went sporadically to the coast for another two years. It was Aug 07 on a kite surfing holiday in Egypt (Rs Sudr) that I finally nailed this sport and at the same time truly fell in love with the fun and exhileration that it offers. I have been thoroughly addicted ever since.

What are your qualifications and experience in kite surfing?
I am qualified to IKO level 3. Since Ras Sudr, I kite surf regularly. I recently returned from kite surf paradise: Tarifa, Spain, where some friends and I enjoyed fantastic conditions enabling development of some freestyle skills.

Where is your best place to kite surf?
So far abroad, it's got to be Tarifa. Sun on your back, gistening water, beautiful scenery on and off the beach. And many a ‘tinto de verano’ (a glorious red wine, lemoade fruit concoction) for the chill out times in between.

What was your most dangerous kite surfing experience?
Near the harbour wall in Poole as a relative beginner I was forced to pull the safety cord (resulting in the kite only being attached to me by one line). Unfortunately, the kite blew into the nearby road and was shortly to be dragged by a car with a line now wrapped around my wrist ... I saw my life flash at this point. Fortunately, a couple of cables snapped and the car slowed. A close shave but, aside from the need for a couple of new lines, all ended well. I was right back on the sea horse shortly thereafter!

What would you do if you weren't kite surfing?

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