Sponsored by Cabrinha Kites Our thanks to Cabrinha Kites for sponsoring the equipment for our crossing.

The Team behind the Heroes

Every hero needs his sidekick to help him out, and our heroes are no different. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time, energy and skills to help support the Heroes for HALO.

James Cockin, Gillissa Ltd
James is our web designer, responsible for building and maintaining the web site and taking care of any other technical problems.

Daniel Rolfe, Sauce Design
Dan provided all the graphic design and artwork for the project.

Elizabeth Cook, The Crunch Bunch
Liz is the project coordinator, making sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what needs doing.

Janie Willsmore, The Diary Agency
Janie is filming the story of the Heroes

Michelangelo Bendandi, The Brunswick Group LLP
Michelangelo is taking care of all our press and publicity to help spread the word about what we are doing.

Corinna Deighton, Andrew Webster Limited
Corrie is the project accountant, helping us look after all the money raised and make sure that the maximum amount goes to HALO.

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